Monday 24 Sep 2018
EBS Construcciones y montages industriales
The policy of territorial expansion and working of EBS Led us to operate in what we call strategic points d 'Europe.

Northern Europe, "Romania, in Constanta," Central Europe, "Italy, in Turin", Southern Europe, "Spain, in Malaga.

The three branches of the company's enterprise business Solution.Srl Active and active, are able to develop a large amount of work on multiple activities.

Taking advantage of skilled and qualified staff, using its own equipment, EBS Operates in all countries of the 'European Union.

-- Romania with activities of construction and industrial assembly plants in the field of gas and water purification plants as well as small businesses in civil construction.
-- Italy with various civil construction activities in and around Turin.
-- Spain involved in setting up thermal power plants in the province of Cádiz Algeciras, civil construction and assembly activities in the province of Malaga.

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